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Our sweet schooling days in MJSC Muar, Johore has finally came to an end. Two solid years of secondary education in one of the top school in the country,our pride and joy, MJSC Muar Johore.Glancing back, time really flew by in a flash. MJSC Muar, you're just like a machine which changes and develope 'good stuffs'. Look what you have done to us!. We admit that sometimes we had doubt about coming to this school when we first came here two years ago. Sooner, we developed a great urge to study here. Over the years, MJSC Muar had an impact on us that we started to actually enjoy

ourselves here. We couldn't agree more that school days are the best days of our lives. Besides going lots of experiences, we learnt to adapt with the new surroundings and accept challenges and heavy responsibilities.


Life in a boarding school has opened our eyes to many things. We've experienced joy, sadness and suffering (mainly, of course due to examinations) :) but most importantly the knowledge and how to be courageous and dauntless in facing obstacles in life.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our warmest gratitude and appreciation to Tuan Haji Niam Md.Taib ,Puan Nor Asyikin, Puan Zaiton, En. Hanafi, Puan Siti Fatimah, Puan Asniza, En Mat Jah, Puan Siti Maslumah, Puan Hasni, Puan Nasrin, En Ibrahim, Puan Siti Zarina, En Safar and all teachers of MJSC Muar who had been so wonderful, who have led us through our darkest days. Teachers, it's hard to describe the feeling of facing another world without all of you. Our success and maturity would be the best way to thanks all teachers .You really mean so much to us. It is certainly more than words can say....thanks for filling our school days with fun, laughter and for always being there guiding us through our tumultuos times.


We will definitely cherish all the bitter-sweet memories we've acquired approximately 2 years of our lives here forever, we hope to do well academically and that the new chapter in our lives after SPM would bring us more joys than sorrows......


Last but not least, thanks for the experiences MJSC Muar had given us. The value of an experience is priceless but still the bitter part of it is the price you have to pay to gain a valuable experience.....


"life is like a roller coaster ride.... sometimes we're up...sometimes we're make us want to make us laught out loud ...we have to face the topsy-turvy, challenging and complicated trail....somehow, enough said....we just got to ride it till the end..."